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TQRaw Episode 7 “Biff Attack”

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TQRaw Episode 7 “Biff Attack” (Video Length 34:00)

New Macs unveiled
Hulu getting Cocky
Biff Signs the Modern Warfare 2 PC Petition
Plus TQ puts the ungamed on game with “Backing up your Mac the super way” on this week’s TQ Tech Tip of the week. Plus much much more in just 34 minutes… &


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TQcast Episode 83

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 TQcast Episode 83 “Frozen Drake Otte!!” (1:30)

***Turtle Beach Ear Force P21 Contest Announced!*** Listen to the cast to find out how you can win a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force P21’s for the PlayStation 3. Must be a U.S. Resident to enter.

Uncharted 2 freezing issues, and why it doesn’t matter with the perfect Michela.
Killzone 5, yet JUiCE is still working on KZ2.
Modern Warfare 2 PC lack of servers…… really only 110,000 PC gamers?
Bayonetta Highest Rated game ever!! **BMI Alert**
Brutal Legend Impressions
N64 Kiosk Blue-Print
All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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BMI Stay Hi-Tech and Lo-Life and remember….PIRATE EVERYTHING.
TQRaw putting the TECH back into TechQuila. All while keeping it Raw and Uncut

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BMITV Episode 6

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The BMI HQ almost catches fire, the Pirates make a new drink in honor of the TQcast, and BMI IX behind the scenes footage are what you will find in the already classic BMI TV 6.


TQRAW Episode 6: “Firewire Boot”

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Wifi Direct is the future…the future..
Wii gets a real MP5 sub-machine gun for controller.
New PS3 bundle to sweep the holiday season
Plus Filty puts the ungamed on game with “Install Mac OSX on a external HDD” on this week’s TQ Tech Tip of the week. Plus much much more in just 40 minutes…
****Turtle Beach Ear Force P21 headset for the PlayStation 3 Contest announced****

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the Black Market International IX

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BMI IX is here!  The modern-day John Dillingers, Pat Preezy and SDI discuss Inner City Dreams, the Halloween season in BMIing and Preezy blows up at a listener live…all while using Autotune.

The music of BMI IX:
Jacobi- Heaven (Produced by Pat Preezy)

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BMI IX LIVE! Tonight at 9PM Central!

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Watch us here LIVE tonight, Wednesday, October 14th at 9pm!